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TOP 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World

We‚ve ranked the top 10 most romantic cities in the world.

There’s no doubt to it that romance can be found anywhere in the world if you are with your significant other. Exploring a city alone may be an experience to itself but there are some places that are better experienced when you are with your loved one. The question is what makes a place romantic? Well, romance can be found anywhere as long as you have someone beside you at a setting that seduces you, captures your heart and fills you both with a desire for more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner, pack your bags and head to one of these romantic cities for a perfect get away.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No Dutch city can be compared to Amsterdam on being one of the most romantic one’s. If you are planning on doing something romantic, Amsterdam is the right place to be. Some of the best romantic things you can do in this magical city are taking a cruise on a canal boat, strolling down the Vondelpark or you could have a candle light dinner at one of the most romantic restaurants at Restaurant de Kas.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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